Monday, January 12, 2009

oh yes... i cant stop bloggin..
its a part from my life already..
school is tiring yet i still wanna have fun.. by..
DOTA! its really addictive.. yeah.. ipod is addictive too ^^
BIOLOGY! wht the hell is the teacher doing..
didnt even start chapter 1! i wanna study..
before my determination towards study breaks down!
im getting fatter! again! omg..
yay! addmath tuition later.. scared cant catch up cause i ponteng
banyak banyak ^-^"
thats it lar.. nothing much to blog..

listening to Byul - by the 200 pounds beauty movie OST!
try searching for this song.. its really nice x)

Friday, December 26, 2008

okay.. its been like 16 days that ive last updated~ well..
went to basketball today by car.. daddy sent me thr =)
we played and then we all sat down on some kind of bench?
we chatted and laughed~
its kinda nice when we chat together.. hehe
we were saying like.. PMR results are coming~
SHIT ... shitt... SHITTT! lets go together ==

Chee Yang: Lets go camp next year together =) it would be nice~
all of us: YEAH! lets go and have fun.. we can eat maggie hot cup together at the midnight =)

ahaha.. its fun i guess.. so bored..
i need a PHONE! ahaha..

Thursday, December 11, 2008

well.. holidays are bored.. didnt update this blog for a long long time.
nothing much to blog about also ==
i think im getting fat. i dont wanna get fat =X
my birthday's coming too.. its gonna be boring.~
i love kissing myself~ hhahaha..

i miss her lots =(

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

James Bond

OMG! i watched the premier of the James Bond 2008 The Quantum Of Solace.. im so dissapointed in it! i thought that i would be nice but.. its not.. BUT AT LEAST.. ITS BETTER THAN BANGKOK DANGEROUS.. and.. Daniel Craig is so Fit! hahahaha.. Casino Royale is better i think.. damn!

this is the movie.. James Bond 007 : The Quantum Of Solace

after the movie.. my expression is like this.. if i have to give a rating.. ill give like 6 stars out of 10 stars.. LOL.. 2 stars for BangKok Dangerous.. 6.8 stars for Tropic Thunder.. eheh.. im looking forward for the new terminator movie.... ahahahah

- OUTZ -

Monday, November 3, 2008

TroPic Thunder

hehehehe.. Me & my family went out for dinner today at sunway pyramid.. we had our dinner at Kenny Rogers this time because my mum got this coupon from my uncle saying that BUY 2 free 1 i think.. my sis suggested that if we wanna watch movie or not.. then my dad said no because his very tired and he needs to rest.. so its ok lar.. my mum and my dad went home first then i booked the tickets.. We are looking forward to watch 'Eagle Eye' bt! its not out yet ! so we chose to watch 'Tropic Thunder'. A movie By Ben Stiller.. its a comedy lar.. quite nice.. its far more better than 'Bangkok Dangerous' =X the unexpected part is that tom cruise is also in the movie.. just that his nt the lead actor.. bwahaha..!

a poster i got from google-images .. hehe.. Beh Pai la this movie.. quite funny la but they cut a few scenes.. damn~ have to download the movie.. hhee

look! i found a picture of tom cruise in this movie! he put on so much weight!! no offence to his fans =X just crappin around! hehe.. i guess thats all for today =) stay tuned for more news ! Goodnites ^^

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Some pictures tht i wanna share.. hehe.. took alot of pictures but ill show 3 pictures first.. hehe

pictures wif my mum and the astro top 3~~~

then suddenly i saw jay chou.. then i go attack him =P

then i saw leo ku.. omg.. damn tall lo.. XD
thats all

- Kevin -

Saturday, November 1, 2008


i dont think i will be expressin my feelings in this blog.. ill be crappin everything.. ish ish.. well.. my brother bought a new handphone for my sista for her bdae.. her handphone is so nice.. W950 worr~ haha.. then.. my bro bought a phone for himself.. deng!~ he bought n85.. so how about me??? i guess that ill have to wait till i see my pmr results.. if its good.. i wanna get myself a very nice phone.. if its bad.. then i dont noe whts gonna happen =X darn it..

i wanna say sorry to my friends that i didnt get a chance to buy souvenirs for them.. especially those i promised to =X theres quite a number of people .. Puiyeng,cecilia,and alot more lar.. most of it are from my links.. haha.. very sorry =) shop till no money ad.. hhaaa.. have to say thank you to my dad for sponsour-ing me tickets and money to go hong kong.. hehe.. =)

here.. i would like to wish my dear form 2's and form 1's.. i wanna wish them good luck =) they are having their exam starting from monday i think.. haha.. especially Sai Bao(Chai Yen),Hui Ying,Nicole..and of course.. a form 1 girl.. haha.. Sin Zi !~ bwahaha.. miss her alot lerrr.. mostly the juniors i noe are girls.. dont noe why..

then i would like to wish the form 5's.. they are taking their spm soon at 11/11/08... a nice date indeeed.. GOOD LUCK AND ALL THE BEST~ may god bless themmmm..~

took some pictures from my webcam lo.. haha.. quite nice ler.. hehe